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What does the date mean on food items?

You open up the cupboard and check the date at the top of the can… It’s two months past it – so you toss it. But before you judge a can by its date make sure you know what it actually means!

If you’ve tossed a food item because it is past the date printed, you are not alone. According to a study from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), ninety percent of Americans misinterpret the dates on labels, whether it’s a “sell by,” “best if used by,” or “use by” label.

In fact, the ONLY food items that are required to have an expiration date, are infant formula and some perishable food items. So, here’s what you need to know to prevent food waste the next time you reach into your pantry.

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The answer to childhood food insecurity already exists

In a world where we’re focusing on SNAP can we also raise our voices for universal free breakfast and lunch programs?

In Pennsylvania, more than 13% of children are said to experience food insecurity, meaning they are unsure where their next meal will come from. These statistics only capture reported numbers, but based on the work we conduct daily and the stigma around food insecurity, it is most likely much higher.

Why does this matter? Because across the nation we are hearing about the impact of SNAP benefits dropping back to pre-2020 amounts, while families still face expensive grocery bills. While we are focusing on SNAP, children of all ages are literally going hungry when we already have a solution at our fingertips.

The answer? Universal school meals.

Currently, Pennsylvania offers free breakfasts to all students whose schools participate in the National School Breakfast Program but that does not include school lunches. 53% of school-age children qualify for free lunch or reduced lunch prices. However, this is still problematic for multiple reasons. The first is that if students are food insecure and only receive a free breakfast they are likely not eating again until the next school day. Secondly, there is stigma associated with “free” or “reduced” meals simply because of the name. When they are just “school meals” there’s no shame in opting in.

We are advocating for free school meals to be expanded to include every child, regardless of income. When we open our programs to all students, we see more engagement and we see the stigma typically associated with food insecurity removed. The best part is that these children learn to advocate for their own needs.

We have the power to cost-effectively reduce childhood hunger locally and nationally by implementing universal free breakfast and lunch programs for all students. We’re asking our friends and neighbors to join us in our fight against hunger by urging local and state representatives to pursue free school meals for all.


Dani Ruhf
Executive Director and Founder of Child Hunger Outreach Partners

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Logan’s Christmas for The Children Giving Campaign Supports Five Local Families

Logan’s Christmas for the Children Giving Campaign took place during the 2021 holiday season. The campaign was held in memory of Logan Abbott, who tragically lost his life in a motor vehicle accident on July 21, 2021. The Abbott Family approached Child Hunger Outreach Partners to set up a memorial fund in memory of Logan. The donations received were designated specifically to help provide Christmas gifts to children within our community.

In the past, leading up to each Christmas, Logan would work with local agencies independently to assure local children woke up to gifts under their tree. With a list in hand, Logan would shop, wrap and deliver the gifts back to the agencies or directly to the families, often delivering right up to Christmas Eve.

CHOP is honored that the Abbott Family selected the organization to help continue the legacy of Logan’s generosity. During the 2021 holiday season, CHOP was able to provide gifts for five local families within Bradford County, including 11 children.    

Logan had a huge heart, and it is with great hope that this fund will continue to support local children for years to come. The family of Logan Abbott wishes to thank all those that donated, and for their continued community support.

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CHOP Out Hunger Cornhole Tournament

Child Hunger Outreach Partners (CHOP) will be hosting the first annual Cornhole Tournament on February 20 at Keystone College. The event proceeds will help to fund CHOP’s programs, including In-School Pantries and Backpack Program.

The fun-filled event is open to teams and singles. All single players will be paired with another single registrant to make a team for the tournament. The cost is $25 for single players and $50 for teams. 

Cash prizes will be awarded to first ($300), second ($200) and third ($100) place winners. 

Click here to register.
Click here to learn more about sponoship opportunities

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Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Funds Sullivan County In-School Pantry

Child Hunger Outreach Partners is grateful to our corporate partner, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. With the help of their generous grant, CHOP will be able to open a new In-School Pantry in Sullivan County High School.

The In-School Pantry will provide nutritious snacks and to-go meals during the school day for all students. By being available to the full student body, we are able to reduce the stigma associated with food insecurity, and teens who are experiencing food insecurity can easily access items that they can use throughout the day, and take home.

“We simply could not do the work that we do without the dedicated support of community partners, like Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield,” said Dani Ruhf, CHOP Executive Director and Founder.

To learn more about CHOP’s programs, click here.

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Dandy Mini Marts Makes In-kind Donation

After recently going through a mod change in their stores, Dandy Mini Marts was kind enough to palletize their unused food and deliver it as an in-kind donation to Child Hunger Outreach Partners (CHOP) for redistribution through children’s programs in nine Pennsylvania counties.

Child Hunger Outreach Partners (CHOP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that, in just three years, has been able to combat child hunger for more than 15,000 children all across Northeastern Pennsylvania, with the ambition to add another 9,000 by the year’s end.

“We’re just happy to continue to partner with you over the years! The stores worked hard to pull the products for donation, and it was important to them knowing that it was all being done for a great cause,” shared Bill Bustin, Dandy Marketing Director. 

“As always, CHOP is beyond appreciative and thankful for all the help local businesses, like Dandy, provide. Without them, our ability to continuously seek expansion in an effort to do all we can to accomplish our mission of putting an end to U.S. child hunger,” said Dani Ruhf, CHOP CEO & Executive Director.

CHOP relies on volunteers and community partners to meet the local need. You can help by lending your time to pack and distribute food boxes at a pop-up pantry or making a monetary donation. Whatever action looks like for you, it has a ripple effect within the young lives in our communities!
To learn more, find food or support CHOP, visit www.chopouthunger.org or call (570)485-5050.

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CHOP Maryland receives Chamber community award

Child Hunger Outreach Partners is honored to announce that the Central Maryland Chamber of Commerce (CMC) recently announced that CHOP Maryland is the 2021 Business Partner of the Year during the 2021 Community Awards.

We know that this award is the result of the team commitment of our team and our network of volunteers and partners!

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#CHOPOutHungerDay Gear

Support CHOP by purchasing #CHOPOutHungerDay gear! Click here to review all of the options now!

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